What are Carbon Certificates or Carbon Bonds?

Carbon credits, "Carbon Bonds" or also called "Carbon Certificates", are an international decontamination mechanism to reduce polluting emissions to the environment and is one of the three mechanisms proposed in the Kyoto Protocol to reduce emissions that cause global warming or the greenhouse effect (GHG or greenhouse gases).

Through the Emission Reduction Certificate or CER's, pollutant emissions to the environment that cause global warming and the greenhouse effect are reduced.

What is a CER? A Certified Emission Reduction, also known as CER, is a certificate issued by the United Nations to member countries to avoid one ton of carbon dioxide, CO2 emissions. These are generally sent to member states for projects that achieve greenhouse gas reductions through the use of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM).

Carbon certificates are measured in VCU. Each VCU represents a reduction or elimination of one ton of CO2 equivalent to carbon dioxide. Our forests in Honduras produce 100 tons of VCU per hectare.

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