Our vision

I.- Guarantee the right of every person to live in a dignified and adequate environment for their development, health and well-being, both physical, mental, emotional and social.

II.- Environmental, eco-sustainable proposals and actions and the instruments for their application.

III.- In every project and development, the following will prevail: Sustainable respect and balance with the environment.

IV.- The preservation and protection of biodiversity is a priority with a non-aggressive and eco-sustainable construction and development.

V.- Only the most advanced technology in Cleantech and Greentech will be used for the sustainable use, preservation and, where appropriate, the restoration of soil, water and other natural resources, so that the obtaining of economic benefits are compatible and the activities of society with the preservation of ecosystems;

VI.- The prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution.

VII.- Guarantee the responsible participation of people, individually or collectively, in the preservation and restoration of the ecological balance and the protection of the environment; offering training in the different areas of eco-sustainability.

VIII.- The need for coordination and the establishment of mechanisms for cooperation and agreement between authorities, between them and the social and private sectors, as well as with people and social groups, in all areas related to eco-sustainable development in construction, education, work, industry, tourism and services.

IX.- Proposing control and security measures to guarantee compliance, offering collaboration with the country's authorities for strict compliance with the application of the Law and the provisions derived from it in matters of eco-sustainability and environment.

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